10 Tips To Becoming Your Best Self | Fitness Edition

January 2, 2017

1.     Prepare your meals in advance for 2-3 days.

My Meal Plans I give to my clients are designed are their lifestyle, goals, and “home life” (aka. do you have kids? Need serving size for 2 or 6? I can get you covered!)

2.     Track your workouts. I use the App Fitness Buddy to log my daily workouts with how much weight I used for each set and rep. This will help you see your progression, and remind you of how much weight you used the last time you performed the exercise!


3.     Workout with a friend! If you have someone to workout with, you’re more likely to not skip it, because you’re meeting someone at the gym!


4.     HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) helps burn fat (Especially the stubborn abdominal fat), with short/intense interval bursts for 10-25 minutes. FAST.CONVIENT. EFFECTIVE.


5.     Go into the gym with a plan! If you step into the gym with a plan, and know what you’re going to work on that day with a set time and workouts, you can get in and out of the gym FASTER, and most importantly, not just going to the gym to socialize!


6.     STICK TO YOUR GOAL! Plan realistic goals on what you want to do for that week, month, and year! Start with an “Ultimate” yearly goal. Divide that goal into quarterly (12-week) goals, into smaller weekly, then daily goals to help you stay on track.


7.     Fill your body with good nutritional food. You will not only notice your outer appearance looking FABULOUS, but your insides will thank you even more.


8.     Drink at least half of your body weight. Example: if you weight 200lbs drink 100 ounces of water a day. 1 Gallon= 128 ounces DRINK UP!


9.     Put down the Lean Cuisine! Be smart about your labels. Yes, a lean cuisine in “calories” looks pretty healthy averaging around 190-420 calories for one container. But if you keep reading… you will see 25g of Cholesterol, 650g of sodium, and 14g of sugar in a Sesame Chicken Lean Cuisine (YIKES!)

  • Eating added sugars can be a trigger for weight gain. Sadly, added sugars trigger our body to store fat in our belly. It bypasses your natural hormonal “I’m full” system and prompts you to overeat. It tricks your brain into thinking you are hungry for MORE. And it leads to obesity, heart disease, and diabetes.


10.  WOMEN: you WILL NOT, I repeat…WILL NOT get bulky if you lift weights. I have been lifting weights for over a year, and I do not look manly. Muscles are sexy. Especially on women. Do not be afraid to use the free weights! Show the men what’s up! Especially the ones that think they’re cool by standing and starring at themselves while you’re in BEAST mode!!

This lifestyle may not be for everyone. But I am telling you… if you just take 30 minutes a day to be active… jogging, walking, cleaning ANYTHING and eat good foods: whole foods, your body will feel nourished and you will have fuel to do the things you love!


#SweatOn #FuelRight


Trainer Haley

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