The Greatest At Home Workout I Have Ever Done!

March 15, 2017

Somedays (or maybe all days) hitting the gym will not workout for your schedule. Maybe the gym is too far, kids won’t take a nap, working later then you thought, or you don’t even have a gym membership! That sounds like some excuses that we’re about to destroy with one of the greatest at-home workouts made!

For myself, I enjoy working out at home “sometimes” (I say sometimes because a lot of the time it is hard for me to get motivated to workout at home, but when I do I absolutely love it). Blasting out to music in the comfort of just a sports bra and some “short shorts” (men, you’re most likely just in your shorts) This is what I like to call the #NoJudgementZone.

Whose with me?

This workout works towards increasing your cardiovascular endurance by utilizing the stairs. I highly suggest you perform a warm-up first.

Warm-Up Options:

Make a few rounds running up and down your stairs.


Set a timer and see how many flights you can complete in designated time frame


Complete XXX amount of flights then get to work with your Print N’ Go Workout below!


You will need a set of dumbbells (or kettle bells) + 1 heavy dumbbell (or kettle bell). I used 2, 15lb dumbbells and 1, 25lb dumbbell to complete this workout.

Step-By-Step Moves:

Don’t forget to #FuelRight post workout.

What to consume post workout?

Post workout #FuelRight with 1st Phorm shake that consists of fast digesting protein and simple carbohydrates to replenish glycogen storage and help YOU build lean muscle mass. Chocolate Mint Cookie is my jam and I keep it simple with 1 scoop Chocolate Mint Cookie (roughly 23 gram protein) + 1/2 scoop Ignition (23 grams Carbohydrates). <–Refer to blog post “Best Supplements to Take To MAXIMIZE Results” to learn all the good stuff about post workout nutrition.

I hope you enjoyed this workout! let me know if you give it a go by commenting below:).

Don’t want to do the workout alone? Awesome! Grab a friend and get-to-work! I promise you won’t regret it.


Trainer Haley

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