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December 22, 2016

Gym jam packed tonight?

Bored of doing the “same old same old?”

Awesome! Head into the gym with confidence with this Print N’ Go Workout. Cool thing?

Only equipment needed= barbell.

No Barbell? No Problem! Grab a pair of dumbbells (or water jug) and get to work.

How-To use this workout:

Find a weight with either pair of dumbbells or barbell that you can perform each move with.

Beginners: Start out with a pair of light-medium dumbbells or just the barbell weight (barbells typically weigh 45lbs). Stand in front of the mirror and NAIL down the form before you add weight. It is vital you have great form before adding weight to prevent injury.

Advanced: Perform one Warm-Up round of each exercise. Adjust weight until you find the perfect weight to perform 10 repetitions. You should be wiped out as you approach the eighth rep, but continue on to complete 10 reps.

Personally I do not “print” these documents out. I screenshot or save them onto my phone and make an album “Workouts” so when I am in a rush I can quickly look at my phone and be like, “Oh yeah.. doing that workout today!”

Watch video below as I demonstrate each move!

Trainer Haley offers Online Training and Nutrition Programs tailored to each one of her clients goals. These Print N’ Go Documents give you a glimpse inside how one of your workouts can/will look. If you want to see more, I would love if you shared this article with a friend, followed Haley on social media by clicking the social bar buttons below, and/or commenting below on what you liked, did not like, or want to see next!


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