4 Ways To Get Fit Before The New Year

Lifestyle Tips
Dec 12, 2017

Whether your goal is to lose weight, gain muscle, finish a race, or climb that mountain, fitness probably plays a role in your new year’s resolution. A recent study found that only 8% of people...
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5 Killer Reasons Exercising at Home May Be The Key to Your Success

Fuel Right | Sweat On
Nov 27, 2017

5 Killer Reasons Exercising at Home May Be The Key to Your Success By Guest Author: Michael from Garage Gym Power Can I ask you an honest question? If you are not working out regularly,...
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Aging with Chiropractic Care: Guest Post Michelle

Lifestyle Tips | Sweat On
Sep 19, 2017

Aging with Chiropractic Care Aging is natural and we all have to go through that process. As we grow older, however, some normal activities become more difficult to do and some health issues are more...
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Amp Up Challenge: Smash Ball and Kettle Bell Shoulder + Legs Work

Sweat On
Sep 19, 2017

Welcome my fellow #AmpUpFitnessLifestyle Members, Clients, Challengers and Followers. I am happy to introduce you to what I give each and everyone of my clients in their online training programs or challenges… an Amp up...
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5 Superfoods for Glowing and Gorgeous Skin | Featuring Guest Post Sania

Fuel Right | The Gut Brain
Sep 11, 2017

What Are Superfoods? When it comes to the health and overall care of the skin, one thing is for sure–what you eat has a direct impact on how you feel from the inside out–especially your...
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6 Small Changes You Can Make To Stay Healthy | Featuring Guest Post Ida

Lifestyle Tips
Aug 4, 2017

6 Small Changes You Can Make To Stay Healthy Get your pen and paper ready, because this post is something you may want too take notes on! Sure these six changes sound easy (and small)...
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Energize Your Diet

Fuel Right | Lifestyle Tips
May 15, 2017

Suns out, guns out! Are you smiling because the weathers warmer, colder days are dwindling away and suns staying out later? I know I sure am! However, even though the weather is nice, are you...
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3 Turkey Recipes The Entire Family Will Enjoy!

Fuel Right
Apr 3, 2017

Here are 3 quick and easy turkey recipes the entire family will enjoy! Make extra and have for leftover night(s) or for lunch the next day!

My Celiac Disease Diagnosis

The Gut Brain
Mar 20, 2017

  October 20th, 2014 was the day my endoscope results came back to confirm I had Celiac Disease, I was always intrigued on how to build back my gut—literally. I spent an extensive amount of time...
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The Greatest At Home Workout I Have Ever Done!

Sweat On
Mar 15, 2017

Somedays (or maybe all days) hitting the gym will not workout for your schedule. Maybe the gym is too far, kids won’t take a nap, working later then you thought, or you don’t even have...
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