Group fitness events include 60-Minute workout focusing on powerful strength training and high intensity movements to Amp Up each challengers mind, body and soul. Trainer Haley customizes each workout to her clients needs, goals and capability. Male and female beginners to the most advanced are welcome to participate.

Post workout nutrition is provided after each workout. Whether thats nutrition snacks from our sponsors: Vital Protein, 1st Phorm. KIND Snacks, General Mills, RXBAR’s, etc. or treats from the local restaurant/bars venue to be the ultimate #SweatOn and #FuelRight factors. Stick around after and enjoy this time too meet fellow challengers, ask questions about nutrition/fitness/lifestyle and be on your way too having yourself one heck of a great day!

Its time to Amp Up your life, are you ready?

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Workout will start promptly at 8:30 a.m. at Prime Time Fitness in Hampshire, IL

Stick around after workout for post workout goodies, discounts on training programs, nutrition plans or challenges, AND leave with tons of on-the-go snack options thanks to our sponsors: KIND Snacks, Vital Proteins, RXBAR’s and General Mills

Young or old, beginners to advanced, male or female are welcome to participate in this workout!

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HIIT Holiday’s Workshop


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