5 Killer Reasons Exercising at Home May Be The Key to Your Success

November 27, 2017

5 Killer Reasons Exercising at Home May Be The Key to Your Success

By Guest Author: Michael from Garage Gym Power

Can I ask you an honest question?

If you are not working out regularly, but you want to, do you know the true reason holding you back?

The deep down reason…

Maybe you say that there is no time. Many people say that, yet it is not the real reason.

  • Maybe going to the gym is intimidating.
  • Maybe you feel judged by others.
  • Maybe you judge yourself.
  • Maybe you are afraid you won’t meet your expectations.
  • Maybe you don’t “want it” bad enough.
  • Maybe you don’t believe you can “have it”.

Whatever your real reason is, working out at home may be your key to success.

The truth is, exercising from home works well for many folks and resolves some of these deep rooted issues that impede progress. Do what works for you. Don’t waste time on what you know doesn’t work.

With that said….

Let’s get into our 5 reasons why working out from home may lead you to the success you seek

Reason 1:  No Excuses

For some, this is the heart of the issue: Priorities

If you’re not making exercise a priority regardless of how much (or little) time you have, working out at home can not help that.

Try this: 

Replace saying “I don’t have time” with saying “it’s not a priority”.

Changes the way it feels, right? It’s harsh, but ultimately, changing your mindset is what empowers you to exercise consistently. Excuses steal your power to change.

Exercising from home removes many excuses, including the time excuse, but more on that later.

Exercising from Home resolves SO many excuses for not working out. 

Excuses include:

I don’t have time- just about anyone can take 10 or 20 min to exercise if they exercise at home

Gyms are expensive- working out at home is about as expensive as you make in, ranging from a free YouTube video of a no equipment workout, to a fully decked power lifting garage set up. It’s YOUR choice.

People Stare-I feel self conscious. If you feel self conscious or uncomfortable exercising in front of others, at home you can simply shut the blinds or close the garage door. Problem solved.

The gym is closed when I am available. If you only feel like working out really early in the morning, or late at night, working out at home resolves the problem. Home is open 24/7, no time limitations.

I have young children. Working out at home is ideal if you have small children. You can workout when they are sleeping, or be there if the need anything while still getting exercise.

Reason 2: Exercising at home cost less

  • Exercising at home means No Membership Fees
  •  No babysitter
  • No money spent on gas to drive to the gym
  • Even if you invest in equipment to build a home gym, many folks can build one for the cost of 1 to 3 years gym membership

Hidden cost: Many athletes have gym memberships that renew every year. You may get a great rate the first year, but find yourself re-negotiating every year, or be at the mercy of management if they decide to raise rates.

Reason 3: Exercising From Home is Private

Let’s be realistic here. No one wants to go to the gym un-showered and wearing old sweats and a ratty T-shirt.  But at home-no one cares!

For some it just does not make sense to get cleaned up and pretty looking to go to the gym and sweat for an hour. Plus it takes even more time to do so, making working out a greater chore.

At Home, you don’t even have to shower if you don’t feel like it. You don’t need to invest in new gym clothes, you can do laundry in between reps, and even go without shoes if that is your style.

No one will be there to judge you, look at you, or otherwise make you feel uncomfortable.

Awkward Moments

Privacy also means performing exercises you would not be caught dead doing in public. Like hip extensions or glute bridges.

These exercises are GREAT for toning and shaping the rear end, but they just feel WEIRD to do in a public gym setting.

Reason 4: TIME- the most Common excuse

“I just don’t have time to workout”

Many people have work to do, and manage to squeeze in exercise.  The 9 to 5 grind is common. Most of us have busy lives.

Listen, if you have time to watch “Game of Thrones” you have time to workout. If you are clever you could do both at the same time. Exercising at home can help facilitate that.

My Point is this:

You will never ‘have time’ you will need to ‘make time’, really it’s about priorities.

Speaking of time…

At a commercial gym you will spend a lot of time waiting in line for whatever equipment of machine you want to use.

Rush Hour

If you are like most folks your work falls between one rush hour and the next. The gym is not immune to rush hour traffic, and if you go to the gym before or after work, just like every one else, Guess what?

You are going to spend a lot of time sitting around waiting for others to finish. It almost reminds me of traffic. Who needs that after a hard day at the office?

To make matters worse:

These rush hour times may be the only time you have to fit in a workout. Fuggetaboutit!

If you already have a commute, the last thing you want is extra time in your car heading to the gym, and additional wait time once you get there.

Exercising at home solves that problem.

The Uncomfortable stare

The stares of other gym goers as the watch like vultures waiting for you t finish with the machine is unnerving and can disrupt your workout, discouraging you from even going to the gym.

That is why exercising from home works so well for some people.

You really can’t beat the convenience factor. Not having the pressure of people breathing down your neck waiting for the equipment you are using is also really nice. You can save yourself some anxiety by working out at home.

5. Comfort

Your home is your sanctuary and if you ask the folks at the Home Gym sub-reddit, they will tell you they would not have it any other way. They believe the home gym is better than working out at a commercial gym and several members have built impressive custom setups that rival what can be found at planet fitness.

That is not to say you need to invest in a bunch of equipment to get a god workout from home. All you really need is, a water bottle, towel and some direction, and maybe a few items, if your workout calls for it.

Did you know you can have the service of a personal trainer from the comfort of your own home?

The lovely Haley Shaw with Amp Up Fitness offers online training, accountability, motivation, custom meal plans and more. Since the interaction with the trainer can be performed online, there is no need to go to a commercial gym to receive quality assistance and the results you are after.

The Intimidation Factor

It can be uncomfortable for a novice, or someone who is out of shape to step into a gym full of hard bodies and wall to wall mirrors.

It can also be counter productive because if that environment makes you feel awkward, you will have less incentive to go. We are only human after all, we like to do things that make us feel good.

Nothing to hide

At home you can be yourself and focus on your own improvement. You don’t need to spend time comparing yourself to others and feeling bad that you don’t measure up.

At home you have nothing to hide.

Did you know that even very fit people feel sometimes feel inadequate at the gym?

Sometimes, when fit people compare themselves to others at the gym, they feel like they are not strong enough, thin enough, etc. For some, the competition is motivation to improve.

But if that is not your style, working out at home will likely help your success.

We hope this list has helped you decide to initiate a health routine that is right for you, fits your lifestyle and motivates you to stick with it.

You can find Michael on his personal blog at: http://garagegympower.com

Instagram and Facebook at: @GarageGymPower


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