Getting Things Heated with The Best Full Body Workout

February 16, 2017

Do you want to really get things heated today? If I gave you a workout you can literally do ANYWHERE in as little as 35-minutes, would you do it?

For this full body workout we’re using the 30/30 method.

How 30/30 method works:

You will complete 30 repetitions for each weighted exercise listed in the Print N’ Go Document below. After each weighted exercise you will then perform a plyometric “jumping” movement for 30-seconds.

Complete 3 rounds (or more if you have time) of the entire circuit.

To increase intensity, minimize rest between exercises. Rest 1-minute once you complete the entire circuit.

Now, I did say you can do this workout “anywhere” (and I mean it!) If you’re limited on equipment use a backpack with books, shoes, laptop, etc. inside. Gallon water jugs work great and so do kids (HA!).

Pictures for exercise moves:

Kettle Bell Shoulder Press

Step 1.

Step 2.

Trainer tip: To prevent your back from swaying out, bend your knees slightly, engage your core by drawing your belly button inwards and extend your arms up and over your head, as high as you can go. 


Step 1.

Step 2. 

Kettle Bell Clean -> Squat

Step 1.

Trainer Tip: sit back into your heels, keep chest lifted high and squat as low as you can go (aim to have KB touch the floor).

Step 2. 

Trainer Tip: As you stand up, bring the KB up with you and grab onto the bottom of the KB handles.

Kettle Bell Biceps Curl

Step 1. 

Step 2.

I hope you enjoyed this workout! let me know if you give it a go by commenting below:).

Don’t want to do the workout alone? Awesome! Grab a friend and get-to-work! I promise you won’t regret it.


Trainer Haley

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