H.I.I.T. BOOTY WORKOUT | with Trainer Haley

December 27, 2016

Ladies and gentlemen; beginners and advanced are all welcome to give this high intensity booty blasting workout a shot! Don’t let the name fool you, you’re only in control of how intense the workout can be.

How so?

If you’re looking for a challenge, increase the intensity by increasing the amount of weight you use.


Start out with bodyweight, nail down the form by watching the video below and increase weight as needed.

No gym? No problem! 

Workout wherever you’re located. If you’re in your house, use your stair ledge for Bulgarian split squats.


Use a chair provided in your room or even the bathroom toilet (I have had to do this and it works great!) Add weight by holding your purse, backpack or even water jugs!

Get creative, have fun and remember you can increase or decrease the intensity by adding weight.

Full video below:

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