How To Feel Sexy in Your Own Skin | Sexyfit Method by Zlata Sushchik

January 28, 2017

Does sexy have a feeling? According to Webster Dictionary, ‘Sexy’ can be defined as an adjective meaning, “being erotically attractive to another”. In this context though, we’re stating how you can—and will, feel attractive to yourself: in your own skin, your own humor, your own “feminine curves”, or “masculine features”. Zlata Suschik is the founder of the Sexyfit Method, an online coaching company, lifestyle coach, sports nutritionist, Podcast host, and recently launched her OWN book called, The Sexyfit Method, all at the age of 26 (ROCKSTAR!)

I came across Zlata through Lori Harder’s “Earn Your Happy” podcast, and then slowly became a little bit more interested with Zlata and her: no nonsense, no BS approach to health and fitness. Couple times a week I now listen to her Podcast, SEXYFIT, along with following her on social media @IamSexyFit on Instagram and Facebook.

The Sexyfit Method has similar values and beliefs as Amp Up Fitness. When I first started reading her newly released book, The Sexyfit Method I was blown away by the countless information, easy-to-follow steps, and impact she has made by helping many (and I mean MANY!) woman overcome food freedom, body dysmorphia, reaching outside ones comfort zone to face their fears, and most importantly—educating others on the importance of health and fitness, and how you can utilize these two “powerful” words to dramatically change YOUR life, by feeling sexy from the inside, and letting it shine onto the world.
That was a bit of a ramble, but man I am excited to dive in and hit key pointers Zlata’s book, The Sexyfit Method, has had on my life since the official launch on January 12th, 2017.

First, Zlata explains how each and every single one of us are different. She wrote a book to share her background story, to help others learn from her mistakes, but also to show you, not even a “fitness model, Miss Alaska winner, fitness competitor, turned entrepreneur and influencer” is perfect. Everyone is unique in their own way; and Zlata wants you to know to not strive to be, “more like me”, but be “more like you”. The 2.0 version of you—certain in self, healthy in your body, mindful, strong, confident, sexy and fit self.
The more I began to follow Zlata, and start reading her book, her blog, and listen to her podcast, the more I understood her story, and gained a sense of respect for knowing such a strong and vivacious woman that’s eager to change the game in the fitness and health industry. You see, lots of woman (myself included), struggle. Guys tend to not understand and may say we have “too many emotions”, and damn right we do! But lots of woman struggle with confidence issues, “finding” ourselves, facing fears, eating disorders, body dysmorphia, creating balance, finding structure and so much more. Zlata and I have some similar stories, but I did not come from Russia, I have not competed in a fitness competition, or Miss. Alaska contest, but I have struggled with body issues, I have struggled with disordered eating, boy problems, finding myself, and most importantly we have OVERCOME some similar obstacles that now help us impact and reach out to others to help them unleash their TRUE, sexy, spunky, fun-loving self.

It’s time to become the CEO of YOUR life.

We will start on the 3 Fundamental Premises Zlata discusses in her book that has dramatically changed my way of thinking since picking up my copy. You see, when you start to hear (or read) values that are similar to yours, you start to get a little curious, and test them out. I have been testing these three premises out more recently throughout the last 2-4 months, and to hear and read Zlata pointing them out gets me excited to share them with you.

The 3 Premises and key pointers are:

1. Choice.

We live life by design, and we choose our way into the life that we live. And if we’re not happy with the life we live, then we need to know, “life did not choose us, we chose life.” Everything we have created (our problems and celebrations) have been a direct impact of the choice(s) we made. No matter if we were the bus driver or in the back seat; you’re aware of that choice.

2. Understanding two powerful feelings that emotions come from: Fear and Love.

Fear leads to “Fail”. Fear gets you thinking you’re, “not good enough”. Coming from fear of not measuring up (comparison, negative self talk, where were unable to create a place from love, compassion to understand who were, who we truly are.

Instead, come from a place of love, because nothing grows in the dark, and fear my friend is pure darkness.

3. Creating universal balance between masculine and feminine sides.

Finding balance with masculine and feminine allows you to get a grasp on decision making, nutrition, fitness, what do we need to feel accountable in those steps. What/who we need to surround ourself, etc.

Masculine (necessary does not mean men only portray this, simply means you like to strategize and have a plan. You like structure and work best when everything is laid directly out for you.  EX: meal plans, programs, schedule.

Too much masculine can create: over obsession of being too planned.

Balanced way, masculine just likes to know what’s happening.

Feminine= “I feel”, very loving, kind, compassionate, “Adds color to black and white” too masculine (ex: making food an experience, adding spices too food, color, cool plates)

When we have either surpressed feminine, or dishoned feminine or even too much feminine we tend to fall into what we call “emotional eating” or “binge eating”.

With fitness and nutrition its very intuitive and wants to dance a dance between “this is what feels good to me” and “this is what I want to feel”.

**Creating structure, then questioning how it feels on”. These different structures and plans are different in each phase of our life because were always evolving.

Zlata’s book, The Sexyfit Method, is pure harmony to Amp Up Fitness. I love connecting and finding sole sisters that are absolutely crushing it in the fitness and health industry. I highly suggest you pick up your copy and  can do so at: or (available for Kindle or Hardcopy).



If you’re a podcast junky or want to start listening to podcasts you can find Zlata’s show at

As previously stated, her social media is @iamsexyfit everywhere.

We’re officially now soul sisters, and I am forever grateful to continually meet inspiring individuals who want to better the world, one damn day at a time! I promise, you won’t regret picking up your copy. You will dramatically change your life within jus the first few pages by reading Zlata’s story. Be grateful others are willing to share their stories, because man, that takes courage. But, when others share their stories they’re doing it not to say “poor me”, “attract attention”, etc. we share because everyone has a story. Maybe  (just maybe) their story: how they conquered (or are in the midst of conquering) their struggles will help inspire and motivate you that you can do it too.

We’re all in this crazy book called “Life” together. Why sit on the sidelines by yourself when you can massively change the way you’re with a powerful community filled with powerful leaders having your back?


Trainer Haley

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