Lower Half Work | with Trainer Haley

December 27, 2016

Looking for a challenge?

Bored of performing the same lower body workout over and over and over again? Well congrats! Today is your lucky day where you can Amp Up your leg day routine by implementing equipment you probably do not use that much.

What equipment is that?

The landmine.

The landmine equipment sadly gets passed over too often then not. This happens because a lot of individuals do not know how-to maneuver this piece of equipment around. But guess what? The landmine is literally just a barbell attached to a metal sheath, or a barbell shoved into the corner of a wall!

So instead of lining up in front of the Smith Machine, try these exercises out in a fun and quite frankly convenient way with the landmine!

Screenshot or print the above image out and take a look at the video to see exact motions to nail down the form!

Equipment used at Prime Time Fitness located in Hampshire, Illinois.

Booty Bands by: Sweat with Bec –> http://www.sweatwithbecnyc.com/shop/

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Trainer Haley

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