NO TIME Resistance Band Workout | Featuring Sweat With Bec Bands

February 24, 2017

Welcome to Trainer Haley’s Print N’ Go Workouts she features on her site, to help her clients, followers, family and friends easily get a workout in, learn new methods for training, and get their #SweatOn.

Let’s get started:

Somedays I wish we had more time in the day to get everything done, let alone make time to hit up the gym. If I gave you a workout that you can do anywhere, would you do it?

Some tips to consider when you have limited time:

  1. Figure out what time of day works best for your schedule to get a workout in (even as little as 10-minutes will work!) Popular times: before work (early morning session), kids morning nap, lunch time office workout, after work, or late at night. To figure out what time works best ask yourself some questions:
    • Are you a morning person?
    • Do you work in an office and have an hour lunch break? Hit up the office gym! Take a fitness class.
    • Kids afternoon practice lasts an hour? Awesome! Bring your resistance bands, head to the park, local gym, etc and get-r-done!
    • No time during the day and have the most energy at night?
  2. Schedule your workout like you would a doctors or hair appointment.
    • When you literally take your smartphone’s calendar or take a pen and write, “Workout @ 8 a.m.” I promise you will do it.
  3. If you miss your scheduled workout, you have consequences. 
    1. Think about it.. if you miss a schedule doctors visit or hair appointment you get charged, right? (and if not your stylist or doctor is VERY nice!) Give yourself a consequence for not completing your workout. Do not get down on yourself, but no if you do not complete what you wanted  to do then there will be some sort of punishment.

Your Workout:

Workout with Trainer Haley as she guides you through Quick Do Anywhere Workout incorporating Sweat With Bec Resistance Bands and your bodyweight!

Perform 10-20 Repetitions for each exercise going through the circuit 2-6X (depending on your time frame)!

Nail Down The Moves:

Remember, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out to either Tessa or myself! Comment below, share blog post with a friend, and remember to save the Print N’ Go workout onto your phone, tablet, or computer OR print out.

Thank you Tessa for collaborating with me and letting me share my Print N’ Go Workouts with your followers, friends, family and loved ones!


Trainer Haley

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