#PerfectNever Fat Burner Workout

February 8, 2017

Welome to Sweat On section in my blog where I feature Print N’ Go Workouts, videos, exercise techniques, tips, and so much more!

If this is your first time, welcome! If you’re coming back for another workout–thank you and I hope you enjoy.

Let’s get started now:

Print N’ Go workouts are my favorite. Why?

  • You can INSTANTLY get a workout in, or save the workout for a later date by printing the picture or saving onto your smart phone, tablet, or computer.
  • Gives you a glimpse inside a workout that can be on your next Online Training program.
  • Print N’ Go workouts are how I started my social media accounts (once was WWHD_Fitness, now Haley Amp Up Fit)

Throughout this post you will have your workout followed by: pre/post workout nutrition, and four exercises demonstrated in video.

What’s so important about Pre/Post Workout nutrition?

Pre and post workout all the most optimal times to get the bulk of your carbohydrates in. Throughout your workout we’re depleting our glycogen storage through every rep, mile, or “sweat drop” we have. Pre workout carbohydrate intake allows you to have the energy you need to get through your workout session. Post workout carbohydrate intake replenishes the glycogen storage we depleted throughout the workout. Post workout carbs also helps us recover faster so we can get back to our workout the following day (keep reading to learn what exactly to consume post workout).

Pre Workout Tips:

    • Consume protein and carbohydrate rich meal at least 2-hours prior to training all the way up to 30-minutes prior to training. This meal can simply be: banana with peanut/almond butter, KIND Bar, Protein Pancakes, Ground Turkey Stir-Fry (Note: these recipes can be found in “Members” area–a FREE membership offering a ton of resources to help you succeed at your health and fitness goals),  Protein Shake/Smoothie, etc.

  • If your energy is lagging and need a extra “jolt” to get you through your workout take up a pre-workout; either with caffeine or without. Two of my favorite pre-workouts that do not cause me to be overly jittery or shortly crash right after the workout: Megawatt V2 or AlphaCre HD from 1st Phorm–a respected supplement company that I have consistently consumed for 3-years now!
  • Truthfully, I am a big coffee drinker (I like mine black) so before and during my workouts I will sip on BCAA’s (Branched Chain Amino Acids). You can learn more about each supplement in my Supplement Talk blog post discussing the best supplements to consume to maximize results. 

Your Workout:

Post Workout Tips:

It’s all about the hour window post workout. If you can get a protein and carbohydrate source back into your system within 15 minutes to an hour–wooh wee your body will thank you! Remember what I said about glycogen stores? You went to workout, sweat a ton, and are feeling a bit “run down” from your workout. Thats your glycogen storage running low. Now its time to refuel and replenish your body to continue on with your health and fitness goals (and this can be from muscle building to fat loss).

  • Hands down, the best post workout fuel: Phormula-1 Protein Powder with Ignition (pure carbohydrate source that spikes blood sugar levels extremely fast–which is exactly what we want after a workout). My favorite flavors at the moment of Phormula-1: Chocolate Mint Cookie or Phormula-1 Natural Protein. As previously stated, You can learn more about each supplement in my Supplement Talk blog post discussing the best supplements to consume to maximize results. 

Remember, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out to me! Comment below, share blog post with a friend, and remember to save the Print N’ Go workout onto your phone, tablet, or computer OR print out.

Until next time,


Trainer Haley

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