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February 1, 2017

Heading out the door to go to work, school, or run errands can leave are mind forgetting some purse necessities. Don’t lose site of your fitness and health goals just because you’re constantly forgetting to pack something in your purse. In this blog post I will show you what I personally carry in my purse daily that keeps me on track to go from: School–> Work–> Workout or Workout–> Work–> School (ya get the point because this girl is back in school until graduation day in May!)

To start off, I totally reorganized my purse in the beginning of January and realized how much crap I stored in my purse: wrappers, KIND bars, receipts, band-aids, journal, wallet, lotion, hand sanitizer, pens, a fork (always eating on-the-go), protein powder, collagen peptides, note pads, charger, lip gloss, and all my digestive support vitamins (you will understand if you deal with digestive issues, or any autoimmune diseases on “being prepared”).

With my new “simplicity” approach into my purse, aka my life, I realized how much happier I am to have all the essentials I need to keep me prepared while traveling for work, school or just for fun!

Let’s dive in now shall we:

First things first, I 90% of the time carry a KIND Bar with me for emergencies. Today I had STRONG & KIND Honey Smoked BBQ.

Second, in 2016 I started supplementing with collagen from Vital Proteins (Chi-Town Brand BABY!). Recently, they came out with travel size products and I am ecstatic as I used to scoop protein into a ziplock baggie. Now I order the travel size packs for no hassle morning as I can just grab-n-go.

SIDE NOTE: I suggest anyone trying to rebuild or restore their gut from allergies, autoimmune diseases or intolerance to certain foods/chemicals to supplement with collagen. Collagen is the building block for healthy bones, joints, and muscles.

In my personal life, I have noticed an increase in many areas since July 2016, when I started implementing collagen into my routine, but to name a few:

  • Speeding up the process to rebuild a healthy gut from being diagnosed with Celiac Disease in October 2014, and years before on my search to figure out what exactly was causing countless digestive symptoms, preventing me from daily living activities.
  • My skin stays hydrated and does not bruise as easily as it used too. My hair and nails feel strong, and are not brittle–even in the cold January and February days in Illinois!

Marine Collagen dissolves into HOT or COLD beverages so I can easily mix into my afternoon pick-me-up coffee, BCAA’s, hot tea, or flavored water.

Beef Gelatin mixes into any hot liquid and turns into gelatin creating: jello, pudding, or thickening up a soup (did someone say adding it into Panera’s soup selection… mhmmmm!)

Third, my phone. Thankfully I purchased an iWatch because man I used to lose my phone ALL.THE.TIME. Now I can ‘ping” my phone to know exactly where it is at (Amen to that!)

Really though, I know I am not the only one who feels lost when they know they left their phone at home. Thankfully, on my phone I save my own workout program I make for myself–yes I make myself a workout program each week because HELLO I practice what I preach:). I have an iPhone so I saved the PDF file into iBooks so I can access my workout when its time to..well..you know… workout!

Here is a weekly view into my current program:

Here is a daily view into my current program:

(I was hoping it would be warm outside so I could run… its still cold so I ran indoors on the treadmill. Side Note: I do not like running on the treadmill for more then 2-miles. So I ran as fast as I could for 2-miles then finished with 1,000 meter Row).

Forth, and final purse necessity I like to call my “LIFE!” aka my Journal and Amp Up Fitness pen:).

I have been an avid “journal-er” for 7-years. My journal is my life. I write my thoughts, to-do list, grocery list, workouts (lots of workouts), goals, inspirational quotes or thoughts, contact information and so much more. If you do not have a journal, or journal I highly suggest you do. There is something to writing down your thoughts for therapy, goals for future planning, or to-do list and making a big fat “checkmark” once completed.

To sum up, I cannot tell you how happy I am I finally cleaned out my purse and keeping only the “good stuff” inside. I showed you four of my go-to’s for traveling daily. I also ALWAYS have gum–5 Peppermint flavored to be exact, head phones, hand sanitizer hair spray, band-aids, and (of course) a fork:).

I am planning for the day I turn into an awesome mother being prepared when crazy times come near! But in the meantime, I have enough craziness going on that these are my necessities.

Questions to ask yourself:

What’s in my purse that I absolutely need?

What’s in my purse that just “takes up space”?

Are you prepared when the unexpected happens (stuck in traffic with no food, extra long meeting, kids soccer game, study hour with friends at school, etc.)

Do you notice you have more clutter and purse is at an overload? Maybe its time to clean out your purse and amp it up so you can easily find what you’re looking for.


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Trainer Haley

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