Reclaim My Body Back, Celiac Disease, and Nutrition Challenge Announcement

February 14, 2017

To start, almost 2 1/2 years ago I was diagnosed with a life changing autoimmune disease called Celiac Disease. Prior to that though, I struggled with body image, so much stomach pain, so many headaches, constantly tired, cold, isolation, anger, and confusion. I let fear control my life for so long that I needed to find an outlook on life and reclaim my body  back or else I will not be able to do the things I want to do. You see, I tend to shy away from talking about my Celiac Disease diagnosis, the struggles, the grind, the “what to do next” out into the world. I’ve mentioned and referenced to Celiac Disease in past blog articles, social media posts, etc. but honestly, I have not ever explained how insanely lost I left and/or how Celiac Disease dramatically changed my life and helped me reclaim my body back.

In short, on March 6th, 2017 I will be leading a group of individuals through my Reclaim Your Body back 6-Week Nutrition Challenge to discover your true potential. You do not have to have a “disease” or  “disorder”. This challenge works perfectly for individuals who want:

  • Real world experiences that offer success through beating weight gain (especially in the stomach)
  • Beating body image ‘issues’
  • Stopping fear, and an exact outline on how-to incorporate healthy eating habits to fit your lifestyle through travel, work, school, play, etc.
  • Reclaim Your Body back 6-Week Nutrition Challenge is not just another meal plan. If we have enough individuals wanting to join (I am hoping for at least 10, both male and females)

I will open up a Facebook Group where together we will:

  • Discover scientifically proven methods to beat common gut symptoms causing digestive distress and hormonal imbalances
  • Enjoy weekly Amp Up Fitness challenges to help strengthen your: mind, body and soul.
  • Supplement “chats” on the right supplements for your goals and needs.
  • Empower and motivate other challengers to strive for greatness, not perfection.

Each challenger will receive 6-Week Meal Plan filled with:

  • Gluten Free Recipes (Breakfast, Lunch/Dinner, Snacks, and ‘Treat Yourself’ options)
  • Outline for easy-to-read guides on portion control and serving sizes
  • Macronutrient and Micronutrient Overviews
  • Male and Female serving sizes
  • Grocery Shopping List
  • Exact serving sizes for each meal
  • Weekly Check-Ins

**Vegan and vegetarian meal plans are available.**

My story in short: body image “struggles” leading to digestive distress, hormonal imbalance, which lead to Celiac Disease, which lead to discovering an outlook on life through nutrition and fitness to help reclaim my body back AND pinpoint my exact weaknesses that will soon turn into my greatest strengths. This short story helps me understand where others are coming from when they say,

“I do not have confidence.”

“I am dealing with digestive issues.”

“I am scared of the future.”

“I want to wear my favorite dress or suit with confidence.”

“I am ready for a change and want to make it lasting.”

I am hear for you and ready to see you soar. You’re born for greatness and it is time to show the world who you truly are. you will find yourself throughout this challenge. You will discover what you’re capable of.

It’s now or never.

You’ve been wanting this for so long, so let me ask you… what is stopping you?

Challenge will begin on:

Monday, March 6th

$100 per Challenger to receive 6-Week Meal Plan, Access to Trainer Haley, Member in our Facebook Community Group

No Facebook? No problem! I will personally email you all chats, discussions, weekly Amp Up Fitness Challenges, my stories, and tips via email. 

To reserve your spot in the nutrition challenge please email me at

Want to join with a friend, family member, co-worker, or loved one?

Awesome! Share this post to let them know:)

Thank you for taking the time to stop by and hopefully take the next step into accomplishing your goals.


Trainer Haley

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