The Best Supplements For You To Take To MAXIMIZE Results

January 4, 2017

Learn the top 6 supplements in the business that can help you maximize your specific results, whether thats: muscle building, gain weight, lose fat, increase endurance or strength these supplements can help you do so.

How so?

To start off, supplements alone will not get you the results you need. Supplements are a convenient way to “get the job done” when you need to enhance or complete something else. For example, sustained assimilating protein powder can be a great and convenient supplement to consider when you need to get a meal in. Multivitamins are another popular supplement as us American’s are quite known to eat more fast, greasy-fried foods then are fruits and vegetables.

You maybe thinking, “Yep that’s me”, or “Nope, I have time to eat all my meals and do a great job at making sure I get all my fruits and vegetables in.” Awesome! But you may want to keep reading… I am not here to convince you that you need supplements. I am here to educate you and make sure you’re doing everything you can to have your body functioning the best it can be.

Let’s dive into the good stuff.

When it comes to learning about supplements, how to choose the best ones, is one brand better then the other, etc. you maybe like myself and need more of a visual presentation, so I went ahead and took the hardworking out to make your brain happy and ready to absorb GOOD content!

This infographic displays the 6 best products to help you maximize results by a company I value and give 100% of my trust in–1st Phorm.

  1. Multivitamins aka M-Factor Hero for Males and M-Factor Goddess for Females
  2. Post Workout Glucose aka Ignition
  3. Fast Digesting Hydrolyzed Whey Protein Powder aka Phormula-1 
  4. Steady Release/ Meal Replacement Protein Powder aka Level-1
  5. Creatine Monohydrate 
  6. Fish Oil aka Full Mega

These 6 supplements from 1st Phorm are supplements you can utilize to enhance or compliment your current diet (remember, not replace it–enhance or compliment). Personally, whether your diet is “on point” or not I would recommend a multivitamin to you–especially 1st Phorm’s as it’s a capsulated, gender specific product so you know you’re getting in the right amount of nutrients to continue regulating hormones, energy levels, and receive all the essential minerals, vitamins and micronutrients your bodies need!

AND the best part? 1st Phorm products are manufactured in an FDA inspected facility, gluten free and the manufacturing plant is 1st Phorm’s headquarters, located in St. Louis, Missouri. Supplement companies are not required to have FDA’s approval; however, 1st Phorm goes that extra step (or shall I say mile because becoming and FDA approved facility is EXPENSIVE!!) to make sure they’re delivering the most purest quality of products out to their consumers. Plus, if you don’t like any of your products; maybe you’re not seeing the results you want or do not like the flavor of Level-1 Protein Powder then you can simply return it and receive 100% of your money back + 10%–goes to show just how much they trust that each product they have comes out to be the best. 

Now if you find yourself questioning if you need supplements or not ask me! I am certified nutritionist for sports performance/fitness and hormonal balance. I offer FREE supplement plans with or without my meal plans. Click any of the linked text above to learn more about each product.




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