2017 New Fitness Trend The Surge Full Body #FridayFive Exercise Moves with Trainer Haley

January 14, 2017

“The Surge” it’s like working out on the beach hearing the waves crash against the shore line. – Trainer Haley

Introducing to you The Surge® by Hedstrom Fitness. The Surge® is a product you can use for everyday life. A product that dives into everyones inner athletic abilities by focusing on core stabilization to create “masterful moves”.

Fun Facts:

  • A specialized training device that utilizes fluid to create a “dynamic” form of resistance
  • This forces the user to challenge both traditional exercises, as well as sport and activity specific movement patterns.
  • As a result? A very unique challenge to the joints and stabilizing structures to resist and control the unpredictable nature of the shifting water within this device.
  • Allows user to adjust weight by filling or emptying water to fit their personal needs.
  • The Surge® features patented dual vertical and horizontal handles allowing for hundreds of different movements!

Try the workout for yourself!

Here are five moves I am bringing you to utilize a get a killer workout in for yourself! Do the workout at home, in the gym, or outside in a park somewhere! Fill up The Surge® with as much water as you want to lift and get to work!

Kind of confused on how the moves go?

Awesome! I have you covered! In this video I demonstrate how-to perform each of the five moves outlined above. Watch the video and then GET. TO WORK.

Turn up the volume to hear the water moving. I am telling you… you will feel like you’re working out on the beach listening to the sound of waves come crashing into the shoreline.

P.S. discount codes for The Surge® will be released next week.

Stay tuned for more:).

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